Wyatt Blair Returns to the Til Two Club in San Diego, September 23

L.A. singer-songwriter Wyatt Blair will be bringing his irreverent 80s revivalism to the Til Two Club on Friday, September 23. Blair is quite a renaissance man and DIY entrepreneur, who in addition to his live shows and recordings somehow finds time to run a record store, label (Lolipop Records), podcast (the Lolipop Connection), and analog recording studio. L.A. weekly recently and endearingly described Blair's music as “Kenny Loggins for people who won’t admit they like Kenny Loggins”.

Though a resident of Pasadena who grew up in Dana Point, Blair professes, "I love San Diego - it's great. It's cool [in L.A.] but I like it down south more". With Slowdraw the Hungry Eskimo, the Tic Tocs, and Anestisia supporting the Bujwah-produced bill, this one definitely warrants a checkmark on the calendar.  

Listen to Blair's recently released album Point of No Return (Burger Records/Lolipop) - you'll be glad you did!