Bench Jeweler Michele Murphy Featured in Fall Show at Balboa Park's Japanese Friendship Garden

Balboa Park's Japanese Friendship Garden here in San Diego will be featuring Michele Murphy's handmade, original jewelry this summer as part of a group exhibition from August 7-October 26.  This exhibition is particularly focused on showcasing how Japanese art and culture continue to inspire active, contemporary artists like Murphy and others.

Hollow construction ring by Michele Murphy.

Hollow construction ring by Michele Murphy.

Murphy's work is different than that of many contemporary jewelers in that she is a bench jeweler, meaning that she goes beyond simply filing, soldering, or working with found materials. On the contrary, Murphy creates her remarkable jewelry from nothing more than raw, unformed metals. Murphy's style combines contemporary esthetics with old-world skills, including melting, stone setting, forming, engraving, and texturizing metal.

Don't miss this show, which will also include contributions from painter Elena Lomakin, artist Oliver Chupeau, and jeweler Tara Magboo, among others.

Here is a link to the event's webpage, hosted by the Japanese Friendship Garden :