The LP as Post-WWII American Zeitgeist on Record Store Day

That's right -- today is Record Store Day. And though I'll be in the recording studio with Ryan Sinn, making new music that will hopefully find its way to vinyl one day, I thought I'd take the opportunity to revisit a past labor of love of mine, which I intend to develop in the future.

Anders Larsson home portrait by Jessy Parr

Anders Larsson home portrait by Jessy Parr

This project is my Master's Thesis (for the MALAS program at San Diego State University), entitled Wax Without Honey: The LP as Post-WWII American Zeitgeist. In some 70 odd pages, I explore Mid Century American technology, military history, gender and ethnic identity, ideas of copy vs. original, the concept of "hi-fidelity", and more. And while the work does include obligatory grad school nods to the likes Deleuze and Baudrillard, I think I have succeeded in keeping the thesis rooted in real-world applications in a meaningful way. Here is the abstract:


Over the next year, I plan on making additions and revisions, and releasing the entire work. More details to come as this evolves, and  -- as always -- thanks for staying tuned in!