Drumming with the Zip Ribbons at the Sycamore Den on Sunday

I'm happy to announce that I'll be drumming with the Zip Ribbons this Sunday, January 4, at the Sycamore Den. The Zip Ribbons are fronted by composer, singer,and guitarist Mark Dzula.  I've had the pleasure of playing Westside Inflection shows at venues like the Black Cat, the Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego and La Jolla), and the Riviera Supper Club. Sunday will be extra special, however, since we will be playing Mark's original songs.



I'm a big fan of Mark's music, and it's a rare treat to be playing drums to such catchy, emotional, and well -- likable music! Of course I have artists that come to mind when giving an elevator pitch describing specifically what these songs sound like, but rather than do that I'll just include some delightful links here:

Besides Mark, the band will include Kyle Forester (Crystal Stilts, Ladybug Transistor) and Michael Lopez (Red Pony Clock). Also on the bill are Normandie Wilson and the CoNcEnTr8s.

The Sycamore Den is located at 3391 Adams Avenue in San Diego. Hope to see some friends and music fans there! Thanks, as always, for staying tuned in!