Rare, Impromptu Gary Wilson Solo Piano Performance Last Night

Gary got a call on the evening of September 8, 2014, from an admirer who wondered if he could book him to play one song on the piano at the historic Horton Grand here in San Diego. Apparently, he and others in attendance at the swank and classic spot were big fans of Gary (aren't we all?), and were eager to hear him play anything he wanted to play.

I was only able to capture this magic on my iPhone camera, but I'm glad I did. A silhouetted Gary, with his trusty Linda visible on the piano, performed nearly eight minutes of beautifully improvised music. You can hear snippets of classic Gary Wilson songs like "6.4 = Makeout," and "Cindy," interwoven into this dreamlike performance, which was played to the strikingly respectful, late-night Monday audience.  As always, Gary's artistry and spontaneity inspired me profoundly. Enjoy!