Video Footage of Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates at the Burger Records Fest

I've already written about what an amazing time Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates had at the Burger Records event last weekend at Los Globos. Besides our own set, there were so many awesome bands to see, including OFF!, Cherry Glazerr, the Abigails, Adult Books, Jacuzzi Boys, the Blank Tapes, and of course -- the legendary Lo-fi/Mo-fi pioneer R. Stevie Moore.

Here are three videos, shot by a friend of the band (Robert Hagman) that I thought fans of Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates would enjoy seeing. Pretty much every Gary fan is familiar with the classic track "6.4 = Makeout," and this classic has even been covered by Beck. I am also including two other gems, "Gary Saw Linda," and "When You Walk Into My Dreams." Freak-out footage with mannequins and unbridled fans included here at no extra charge!