Exclusive New Gary Wilson Footage From the Til Two Club

As many of you remember, I put on a special evening last spring at the Til Two Club, featuring Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates. Some of this footage is going to be included in an upcoming Gary Wilson video project by David Robles and me, but I wanted to share some with you now.  Here is a complete performance of the classic Gary Wilson song, "You Keep on Looking".

Gary's Blind Dates here are: Butch Bottino (lap steel guitar), Ian McGehee (guitar), Charles Bottino (bass), Joe Guevara (keyboards), and Yours Truly on drums. Here is another great bit of Gary Wilson history captured from this performance, entitled "You Think You Really Know Me":

Besides even more  amazing and wonderfully weird footage of Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates, I will be posting Max Daily's  superb and complete paper doll meat piece, "The Apprentice", as well as footage of my favorite City Heights punk princesses, Poontang Clam.

Thanks for staying tuned in!

Poster by Tim Lowman

Poster by Tim Lowman