Javier Escovedo Interviewed on NBC7's SoundDiego

Last week before I jetted up to L.A. for our Gary Wilson shows with Foxygen, I had the distinct pleasure of being at the Til Two Club for SoundDiego's interview with Javier Escovedo. You can see the interview here: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/video/#!/blogs/sounddiego/Zeroing-in-on-Javier-Escovedo/272453841


Most of you know how much Javier's music resonates with me, and what a privilege and pleasure it is to play drums for him. His new band is awesomeness itself (including Thomas Kitsos on bass and Xavier Roji Anaya on guitar), and I can't wait to hear how Javier Escovedo and the City Lights continues to evolve into the future. 

On a personal note, it was great that Eric Page did the interview at the Til Two Club. Mick Rossler is one of the biggest and most important supporters of the San Diego music scene, and has been able to help both the Javier and the City Lights project as well as Gary Wilson's continued productivity. The Til Two Club was the first time I saw Javier sans Zeros live, so it was fitting that the SoundDIego interview was here.

Javier Escovedo and Anders Larsson at the Til Two Club

Javier Escovedo and Anders Larsson at the Til Two Club

Thanks to Mick, Eric, and so many others for helping this important music flourish in San Diego and beyond! And thank you for staying tuned in!