Lady Dottie at the Beach and in the Big City (No Naked Men Included)

Lady Dottie and Anders Larsson at Café 21. 2014

Lady Dottie and Anders Larsson at Café 21. 2014

Well, our Saturday night gig at Café 21 in downtown, San Diego was fun as usual last night. I love the staff and vibe there, and people are always really appreciative of the rock 'n roll dance party that Lady Dottie and the Diamonds bring. Last night's festivities were made all the more remarkable by the spectacle of a naked man on 5th Avenue. Apparently, this offense warrants a police van, firetruck, several police motorcycles and cars, and policemen in the balconies above the action. Remarkably, I still can't find media coverage of this as of this writing, but it looked like everyone was safe, so all's well that ends well. See you at Café 21 next week, for sure!

In the meantime, you can get your Dottie fix today (Sunday) at Gallagher's in O.B. We used to play there every Wednesday, and it's great to be back. We'll be bringing the San Diego beach party vibe from 3-6 this afternoon, and we already have more Gallagher's shows on the books for you into the fall and winter. More details as those shows approach.

Finally (for now!), you can catch us at the brand spankin' new venue the Hideout tomorrow night on El Cajon Blvd. I say it all the time, but it is so fun, and such  a privilege to play with my lifelong friend Joe Guevara (*I Wish I*), my Wolf Brother Stephen Rey (Two Wolves), and of course -- the one and only Lady Dottie.

So no naked men promised, but these shows will be a party nonetheless!