Two Wolves Howlin' at the Desert Tower!

Wow --  this gig is really something special! On Saturday, June 7, Two Wolves will be howlin' at California Historical Monument #939 -- the one and only Desert Tower in Jacumba. San Diegan Bert Vaughn built the Desert Tower in 1922 as "a monument to the pioneers," and it's been a recognizable and unique landmark for Southern Californians ever since.

Two Wolves will be playing as part of the first-ever In Ko Pah music festival, which its founders describe as "[emerging from] a desire for a classic, DIY music recapture the raw and non-commercial experience of an outdoor gathering in a beautiful and unique location." Also on the bill are The Burning of Rome, The Widows,  The Fink BombsBloody Mary Bastards, and the Mission Creeps.