Another Busy Week of Music With Javier Escovedo, Gary Wilson, Archie Thompson, and Westside Inflection!

Well, here we go again -- another busy and fun week of drumming here in San Diego!

On Wednesday I'll be playing with Westside Inflection at my favorite spot in La Mesa, the Riviera Supper Club.

Just 24 hours later, I'll be rocking my Thursday (May 8) night away at Bar Pink with the one and only Javier Escovedo (known the world over for bands the Zeros and the True Believers).

On Friday I get to rehearse with Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates, in preparation for our May 16 show at the Til Two Club with Poontang ClamMax Daily, DJ Wankchops, Ashley Montoya, and Operation: Mindblow

Saturday will be a double-header with one of San Diego's best and busiest musicians, Archie Thompson. First, we'll be bringin' some church at Jazz Vespers (First Presbyterian Church in Bankers Hill), and then we'll finish the night out with a four-hour evening of music in Downtown San Diego's historic U.S. Grant Hotel