Drumming the Last Live Show at El Dorado

I'm very happy to be drumming with the ever-popular Lady Dottie and the Diamonds this Tuesday evening (May 20) at El Dorado. As you see in the attached poster, Tuesday's music will be the last live show at this very cool venue. Also on the bill will be my friend Tim Lowman, rocking Broadway as Low Volts. Gone Baby Gone will be playing a live set, and Goose and Maverick (Jeremiah Z from Silent Comedy and Camron Z from Blk Owl) will be rounding out the bill on the turntables.

I've played some of my favorite shows at El Dorado in conjunction with Blk Owl and Darkside, and there's cool footage from some of them in the Two Wolves video for "Lovesick Eyes" by Barrio Productions. I'm really going to miss playing El Dorado, but feel very privileged to be drumming the night away on Tuesday!