Til Two Club Event Mention in San Diego Reader

It was fun to see a mention of Friday night's Gary Wilson, Poontang Clam, Max Daily, Ashley Montoya, DJ Wankchops, and Operation: Mindblow event in Barnaby Monk's Club Crawler section of the San Diego Reader today! 

I've consulted Poontang Clam, and we ourselves are not sure what a "capital event" is, but if it's a good thing (or at the very least, a weird thing), then we'll take it. It was also fun to see words that originally came from this very website, andersmlarsson.com, appear in print in the Reader, probably the publication (along with Tower Records' old Pulse!that fed my young appetite for news about music back in the day. 

So thanks for spreading the word, everyone -- can't wait 'til Friday at the Til Two!