Two Wolves Howling at Another Blk Owl Night on Wednesday

Wednesday night I'll be howling with Stephen Rey and Gabriel Sundy at U31 in North Park. This is a Blk Owl event, which are absolutely among my favorites to play. Blk Owl always gets it right, and finds a great balance of bands, DJs, art, and more. I think this is really the way forward, and I've learned a lot by watching how these guys put on events.

This event will also feature River Uphill, The Paper Thins, Vinyl Mill, Carlton,  and B.I.D.I., plus an art exhibition, so you really won't want to miss this one!

For a visual of how good Blk Owl events are, just watch the pool party footage in the Two Wolves/Barrio Productions video for "Lovesick Eyes" below!