Busy Week of Writing Work in San Diego

It's been a busy and productive week here in San Diego for Larsson Professional Writing! I attended the San Diego Chamber of Commerce mixer, which was really rewarding. Besides being fun, it was inspiring to meet people who are really doing what they can to make things happen here in America's Finest City!

Today I had a meeting with Bill Protzmann of MusicCare, and lots of exciting projects and developments are coming soon. The intersection of MusicCare's interest in self-care, music, and more appeals to my passion not only for music, but also for Complexity, psychology, creativity, and more.

I'm also working on a presentation on behalf of Guitars for Vets (G4V) San Diego, which I will be delivering to the San Diego Veterans Coalition this summer. Guitars for Vets San Diego is particularly exciting example of an organization actively helping suffering Veterans back to health and productivity, and it is an honor to be involved.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting with the nonprofit organization Combine5 (C5), which has former NFL player Lonny Mitchell at the helm. Lonny is an SDSU alumnus like me, and his vision and work with Combine5 is truly inspiring. I think Lonny's work really has the potential to reach and improve the lives of San Diego youth, so it's a privilege to be writing for this NPO.

Finally, I have been asked to meet with Vietnam Veterans of America (Chapter 472) on Saturday. I am eager to find how I can best serve such an honorable organization, and I will definitely post developments on this project as they occur.  

Thanks for looking in on Larsson Professional Writing -- Many more updates to come!