My Youtube Playlist of Live Bands in San Diego

Here's a link to my Youtube playlist, called "Live Bands in San Diego." The majority of these bands are not just in San Diego, but from America's Finest City as well. Other bands are artists I was fortunate enough to catch live as they passed through.

I have no illusions about the audio and video quality of these iPhone videos (note: there are some professionally shot ones by David Robles/Barrio Productions interspersed), though sometimes that little hand-held computer does yield surprisingly good results! My goal with these videos is to simply capture the vibe of these hardworking artists, and the venues who host them as they share their work, and I hope I've been successful in this endeavor.

Though certain genres like jazz, classical, hip hop, etc. are not (yet) present in this collection, I still think the selection is pretty broad. I include everything from the melodic to the abrasive, the funky to the jarring, the laid back to frantic, old school to avant-garde, and a whole lot in-between.

Artists included in this playlist include, in no particular order: Bhorelorde, Poontang Clam, Baja Bugs, Javier Escovedo, Grammatical B and the B Verbs, the Long and Short of It, the Fugitive Fleas, WHA, Two Wolves, Gary Wilson, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, Just Like Jenna, Royal Campaign, Trails and Ways, the Marsupials, Ghetto Blaster, Paul Collins, the Picturebooks, Low Volts, Jittery Jack and Miss Amy, Rykarda Parasol, and Saint Shameless.

Enjoy, and hopefully see you at a live show soon!