Kensington Boys

This Friday evening I'll be playing drums with Joe Guevara at Marina Kitchen in downtown, San Diego.  Joe and I grew up on the same street, and he is the first person I played music with. He used to bring his guitar over to my garage in Kensington (a San Diego neighborhood), and we'd play any number of songs we both (at least kind of) knew. 

Fast forward all these years, and not only are we great friends, but also we still get to play music together!  We've played together in the Tuggs, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, and Gary Wilson.  Together as a duo, we've played dozens of casual gigs, under the name "Kensington Boys", at venues like Roberto De Philippi's Steakhouse, Donovan's Circle of 5ths, Bailiwick, and now at Marina Kitchen.  We might play anything from Prince to Miles Davis to Nirvana, so it's always fun and keeps us on our toes.