April 27 Show with Javier Escovedo

I'm extremely excited to announce my first show playing with Javier Escovedo!  Sunday night, April 27, I'll be drumming with Javier (Jim Jones Revue is headlining the night).

It's not often you are first a fan of someone's music, and then actually get to be a part of that music.  This is definitely the case with Javier, and it's quite the privilege to be drumming with him now.  For the uninitiated, Javier's solo work, his classic music with the Zeros (along with El Vez), the True Believers (with brother Alejandro Escovedo), and more, are all well worth a listen.  His latest CD, "City Lights" (Folc Records), is absolutely "all killer, no filler" as they say, and full of awesome hooks, harmonies, classic melodies, and heavy doses of rocking riffs.

Keep your eyes and ears open for lots of great music coming your way this spring --  I'll be posting updates and info about upcoming shows with Javier as they come along!