Ending 2014 and Starting 2015 with Lady Dottie and the Diamonds

Happy (almost!) new year! It's been a great year of music for me, collaborating with artists including Gary WilsonJavier EscovedoR. Stevie MooreDean ReisRyan Sinn, Stephen Rey, Westside Inflection, the 105ers, and more. Now I get to end the year and kick off the new one in grand style with my friends in Lady Dottie and the Diamonds!

There's no pressing need to promote my New Year's gig since it's sold out, but I thought I'd keep friends and music fans up-to-date and let them know that I will be ringing in the new year at the historic Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, California.


As you can see in the poster, there will be plenty of music and entertainment throughout the 1920s themed evening. As I understand it, I will be happily occupying the drum throne for the Diamonds just before and just after midnight, and it wouldn't surprise me if I get an opportunity to accompany one or more of the other artists on the bill earlier in the evening. 

Thanks to you all for the continued support, collaboration, and interest in this esoteric little thing we do called music. This year has been great, and I have a strong feeling 2015 is going to be even better!